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Vera and Miller tracked Brian Taylor to a company called ‘Speedsafe Raceway’ in Upper Darby. The crew cut and brown khakis were a significant change from the long hair and leather jacket that he was wearing in the mug shot they had on record for him. “Brian Taylor?” asked Miller.

“That would be me. You look a little to official to be customers though. Please don’t tell me I’m being audited,” Brian replied.

The pair flashed their badges. “Maybe, we’ll see how this goes. Detectives vera and Miller, Philadelphia police. We were wondering if you could tell us something about this guy,” said Vera as he showed a copy of the Rickon ID.

Brian scanned the ID briefly. “’Andy Rickon’, I’m afraid that name doesn’t ring any bells with me.”

“How about ‘Slick’ or ‘Mach 3’?” asked Miller.

“We know about your underground racing days in the late 1980s,” insisted Vera.

“You were a part of a crew called the Black Stars. Rickon was ‘Mach 3’, and you were ‘Slick’ according to your arrest record,” Miller.

Brian took the picture and looked it over again. “Yeah, ‘Mach 3’, I remember him. I didn’t know that was his real name though. Why are you bringing up ancient history anyway?”

“This driver’s license turned up on a body that we pulled from the Delaware recently,” Vera informed. “Do you remember a spring day in 1989 when you went one on one with Mr. Rickon?”

“Over twenty years ago I raced a lot of people,” Brian replied.

“But this particular race has to stick in your memory. Especially the part where you slammed into a police roadblock,” insisted Miller.

“Rickon escaped police custody that day, you didn’t,” Vera added. “You ended up in jail because of that race.”

Brian limped out from behind the counter where he was standing dragging his left leg behind him. “Fine, I raced him once. I don’t exactly like to talk about that day; that collision is how I ended up with this limp.”

“I’d hate to see the officer you plowed into,” insisted Vera.

“Well, I did get one idea from that. People call street racers punks or deviants; the truth is most of us were just bored kids who happened to know a few things about cars. I figure people like to race, why not let them race in a controlled environment where someone can monitor things? It took a long time but I was able to build this place,” Brian explained. “Anyway, you say you found that picture on a body?”

“Yes, and you denied knowing him at first. It has us thinking maybe you got released and hit the streets looking for a no-holds-barred rematch,” Miller responded.

“Two things wrong with that theory. First, I didn’t exactly have a car when I got out. Second, the old crew was decimated by the time I got out. I figured he either got locked up or moved on to another town. Philly cops had it out for us at that point,” Brian explained.

“You don’t say,” Vera sneered.

“He was a prospect when I first met him,” insisted Brian.

“Prospect?” asked Miller.

“Somebody willing to put his ride on the line for a chance to join the Black Stars. He was one of three that all lost a big race we had; he was also one of the two that were lucky enough to still make it in. You should be looking for the guy who lost it all,” Brian explained.

“We might, if you give us a name,” insisted Miller.

“I can’t do that. It was the road code, no real names. All I know is that he called himself ‘Viper’. I don’t know if that was for the red Dodge Viper that he drove, or if it was for his personality…”
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