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“That still bugs the hell out of me to this day; it’s like he knew that roadblock was coming. I issued an APB for the ‘Mach 3’ car, but we never found him,” Don finished.

“Well, somebody did,” insisted Scotty.

“You don’t know anything else about the ‘Mach 3’ car. We’re trying to narrow down our search efforts somehow,” Lilly added.

“Not much, it’s not like these cars had license plates on them,” Don replied.

“What about the other driver who you busted?” asked Scotty.

“He started talking once the paramedics cleaned him up. I couldn’t get him to flip on the other guy, but he called himself ‘Slick’. His real name, Brian Taylor. He ended up doing six months in jail for all of the moving violations he had racked up by that time,” Don explained.

“Queen’s village is near the Delaware River where the bones turned up,” Scotty explained.

“So maybe Brian gets out of the slammer and decides he wants payback for getting arrested. Let’s call the name in,” insisted Lilly.
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