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Kenny Loggins
“Danger Zone”

“There was one day in early spring of 1989 that I still remember. I responded to a call about a pair of reckless drivers in Queen’s Village. The pair consisted of a yellow convertible chasing a blue car, and they both had those circle and star logos painted on the sides. I was pursuing the pair at speeds over 90 mph.; I remember that because I looked at the speedometer when I got a call over the radio from the dispatcher. ‘Charlie 1-6. Charlie 1-6, the supervisor is requesting a report. What should I tell him?’

“I followed the pair as they took a screeching, wide right turn onto S 5th St. ‘Dispatch … Dispatch, this is Charlie 1-6. Racers are now moving north on S 5th St. Requesting a roadblock, dispatch. We’re in a residential area, and these guys won’t stop unless we stop them.’

“’I copy, Charlie 1-6. Working on getting units ready for a roadblock near your location,’ she responded.

“We traveled for a few more miles when suddenly the blue car, the ‘Mach 3’ car, veers to the right and detours down a side street. ‘Dispatch, requesting additional support; the racers have split up. I repeat, the racers have split up.’ Meanwhile, I was still in pursuit of the yellow convertible. I heard the loud crunch of broken glass as we approached the roadblock and he hit the units hard. The car stopped dead and I pinned him n from the side.”
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