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Nick Vera was seated at his desk on the phone back at the station. “I can assure you, sir, this is not a prank phone call. … I really am a cop. … I’m sure you’ve had a few new cars since then. … Did you or did you not file a stolen vehicle report regarding a blue Ford Escort Sedan back in 1989? I just need you to tell me if you remember anything new about that incident. Did you see the guy … and that’s another hang-up.”

“At least people are talking to you,” Miller added from the desk beside him. “All of these other police departments just keep passing me around. I’ve tried New Jersey, Delaware, and, just in case, Indiana. Nobody can find this guy.”

“There’s nothing in our files either,” Stillman added as he approached them with Lilly, Scotty, and Andrew in tow.

“We checked records all of the way from 1988-1992. Nobody reported any Andy Rickon matching our guy’s description missing in all of that time; this guy is a ghost,” Lilly informed.

“I fared slightly better in my research of the Black Star club. I asked around highway patrol if they knew anything about them. Nobody I had spoken to had ever heard of the Black Stars, but they pointed me to this guy ‘old man Don’,” Stillman explained.

“’Old man Don’?” Scotty asked.

“Don Larken, he’s a highway patrol officer, and according to the guys I talked to he’s a patrolman from way back. Like 1988 back,” Stillman added.

“Over 22 years on the force and the guy is still a beat cop,” Andrew intervened.

“Not everyone wants the pressure of a higher position. I can’t say that I blame them,” insisted Stillman. “Rush and Valens, head down to Patrol and see what he remembers. Meanwhile, the rest of us will keep digging.”
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