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Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens met John Stillman and Andrew Darius along the banks of the Delaware. They arrived in time to see two uniformed officers loading prisoners into a white van. “Some kind of prison half day?” asked Scotty.

“I guess for them it is. A community service cleanup crew was picking up trash along the Delaware today when one of the prisoners got a little more than he bargained for,” Stillman explained. He motioned to the scene behind him; a blue car door with a black star in the center of a black circle painted on it. The words ‘Mach 3’ were painted in black underneath the circle, and a skeleton clung to the inside of the door. “The prisoner speared the door first, and after some digging it came up from the water along with the bones.”

“Medical examiner says we’re looking at a young adult male, most likely Caucasian,” Darius added.

“No visible signs of trauma are present on the skeleton. Most likely this guy drowned, but how he ended up in the water is anyone’s guess. I put a call in to have divers search this section of the river, but I’m thinking any forensic evidence from the body was probably washed away a long time ago,” Stillman informed.

“Are you sure this guy is ours? How do we know he doesn’t belong to the New Jersey side of the river?” asked Scotty.

“Vera and Miller put a call into Camden, NJ earlier, but who knows how long it will be before we get a response?” Stillman replied. “This tag looks familiar though.”

“You knew this guy?” asked Lilly.

Stillman shook his head. “I don’t recognize this particular vehicle, but I recognize this black star with the circle around it. It was an emblem used to identify members of this band of illegal street racers that terrorized Philadelphia and surrounding counties for the better part of the late 1980s.”

Lilly bent down over the body and retrieved a piece of plastic that was sticking out of the pocket of the blue, button-down shirt that still hung on the body. “Our guy has a license, and it does appear to be a white male. … ‘Andy Rickon’. … The license was issued on June 7, 1989 in … Gary, IN?”

“A guy comes all of the way from Indiana to take part in an underground street race in Philly?” asked Scotty.

“These guys all went by street names, Scotty; it’s probably a forgery,” insisted Stillman.

“What are the odds that it’s probably a stolen car too?” asked Andrew.

“I can’t rule it out; the racing wasn’t the only thing these guys were known for,” Stillman replied.

Scotty sneered. “So to summarize we don’t know whose car this is, we don’t know how it ended up in the water, and we don’t know if ‘Andy Rickon’ is a real person.”

Lilly looked up from the body. “Who doesn’t love an easy one?”
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