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The following story is fictional and
does not depict any actual person or event.

Motley Crue
“Kickstart My Heart”

July 22, 1988

The driver of the tan station wagon didn’t even have a license plate to go off of when a blurry deep blue car cut him off at the intersection of Chestnut St. and S 2nd St. at speeds well over the posted limit. All he could catch was some writing on the driver’s side door: ‘Mach 3’ painted in white. But this would soon be forced out of his memory when four more fast-moving cars blew past him.

But the ‘Mach 3’ driver had only one concern on his mind as he turned right onto S Front St. and then right again onto Walnut St. This was the silver Isuzu in front of him with a large black star painted across the rear window. A black circle surrounded the star and under this was written one word also in black: ‘Torch’.

Perhaps he should have been paying more attention to the racers behind him, for, after turning right onto S Broad St., he felt a jarring impact on the right side of the car from a yellow Subaru that was attempting to push past him. The impact sent the ‘Mach 3’ car into a fish tail. The driver was forced to slam on the break as he steered frantically to make the recovery. When he finally straightened out he was no longer staring at silver or even yellow. He was seeing red in the form of a red Dodge with the word ‘Viper’ painted in white across the rear. He had lost at least two positions. He was now in the bottom three, and, as a prospect, this was not where he wanted to be.

The racers did a lap around City Hall Station before turning onto Market St. They were close to the finish, and the ‘Mach 3’ driver knew he was in trouble. … Or was he? As he made the right turn onto N 17th St., he saw that ‘Viper’ was no longer in front of him. Nobody was.

For a brief moment he thought he had somehow pulled off a win. As he turned on to Arch St., all he saw in front of him was the tall Hispanic girl in a black dress and matching heels near a vacant lot marking where the finish point was. But the feeling was short lived as suddenly four cars in a row shot out of a nearby alley; the silver ‘Torch’ car leading the pack. They raced to the girl who waved a red flag after the third place racer blew past her. It was over.

The cars came to a screeching halt in the lot. A white male in torn jeans, black sneakers, and white tank who stood nearly 6 ft. tall exited the ‘Torch’ car. The girl walked up to him and whispered in his ear. “Well people, it would seem that victory is mine, and ‘Cherry’ over here tells me that all three prospects landed in the bottom half.”

“That’s very disappointing for the future of our crew,” ‘Cherry’ added. She walked over to the ‘Mach 3’ car. “But it also means that three pink slips are up for grabs; it’s time to pay the piper. Didn’t anyone tell you? Prospects put their wheels on the line when they challenge the Black Star Racers. That’s why most people aren’t stupid enough to do it.”

Cold Case Soundtrack: “Late Returns”

A blue car door with a black star in the center of a black circle with ‘Mach 3’ painted under it in black sank to the bottom of the Delaware River with a body clinging to it.
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