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I first learned about Diahann Carroll and the sitcom Julia through one of my Barbie doll collector books when I learned that Mattel made two Julia dolls in the 60's one doll being a regular Julia doll that featured an actual autographed picture of Diahann Carroll on the box and a Talking Julia doll which featured Julia dressed in an elegant party dress and the authentic Diahann Carroll voice when you pulled the doll's talking ring. And if you can find the regular Julia doll it is worth a lot of money but the Talking Julia doll if you can come across one that works is the more valuable version because Mattel didn't make very many of the Talking Julia doll when it first debuted in the 60's. I didn't even know that Diahann Carroll was even on Dynasty because my mom used to watch Dynasty a lot. I also knew that she was in the movie Claudine because my aunt liked that movie and wanted Mom to buy it but we could never find it anywhere. Diahann Carroll was truly one of a kind and will be missed in the sitcom world
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