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Around the making of "Power Rangers Turbo", the fifth season of the Power Rangers franchise in 1997, there were plans to have the bully / buffoon duo Bulk and Skull (Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy) launch their own show.

During "Turbo" Bulk and Skull were turned into monkeys on the show in order for the actors and producers to focus more on planning the potential spin-off.

The general idea of the plot was to have Bulk and Skull operate a hotel in Angel Grove, California. The "Bulk and Skull" spin-off ultimately never happened and eventually they returned to the show.

At the Power Morphicon Convention in 2007 Paul Schrier, who played "Bulk", went on the explain more at the panel:

"The show never happened due to some poor demographic testing. I mean face it, you would think today 'Wow, that would have been really cool...' and it would have been.

Ultimately the Ranger show is an action-adventure show. The comic stuff that Bulk and Skull brought to the show, as wonderful as it was, really wouldn't stand alone and it would not garner the same amount of viewership as a show with a lot of butt-kicking.

A fan then suggested to them that maybe they could have done a mini-series or something like that and Paul Schrier responded:

"Yeaaahh, but then we will still have the same problem. The affiliates would have been like 'Oh yeah, that mini-series where there's no kung fu - just a lot of cakes. We don't want that.'

I do have to say that in our minds... we had a big spin-off. We viewed every bit that we did as a separate universe from the Ranger show."
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