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The spin-off to "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" called "California" was never aired by CBS.

It was to focus on 'Hank Lawson' played by William Shockley.

From an interview Shockley gave when asked about it:

You had filmed a pilot of a series that was a spin-off of "Dr. Quinn"
Why did "California" never air?

The "California" spin-off series was an excellent show.

Beth Sullivan wrote "California", and the story took Hank Lawson from Colorado to Los Angeles. The show was never aired by CBS, and to this day, I don't know why. Beth wrote a fabulous script, and the actors that were involved in "California" were great.

Laura Harring played my love interest. James Brolin, who is married to Barbra Striesand, played the local sheriff.

I really wish CBS would have allowed the fans to see this wonderful 2-hour movie.
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