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Originally Posted by Brian Damage
That may be true considering "The L Word" was suppose to have a spinoff about a female prison and Showtime decided not to pick it up.
While Showtime decided NOT to pick up the spinoff of "The L Word, Showtime back during the Queer as Folk days was very serious about doing a similar show on the gay-bear community called "The Front Range Bears". Serious enough that Showtime even went as far as doing a pilot of it.

"The Front Range Bears" was a comedy set ( and filmed) in Denver about a bunch of hairy gay guys and life in the Mile High City. Just before the paper went defunct in 2008 The local Denver Rocky Mountain News actually brought up this show since one of the "bears" in the planned series was Da Boogieman who for many years was a well known radio dj for local KOOL 105 FM and himself a bear. The..DA Boogieman was cut loose from KOOL which was the only reason why the paper had brought up "The Front Range Bears" in the first place.

The Rocky Mountain News didn't say why Showtime had said NO to the series but that pilot...I did catch it on You Tube last year though the clip wasn't onthere for very long. Ah I can see why Showtime took a pass. Example scene I can recall..

A Denver city bus is picking up children and their parents along with the bears for a day at local Elitch Gardens Amusement Park only to notice that the bus driver was nude except for his jock strap.

Little Girl: "....mommy mommy..that man is wearing nothing but a jock strap "

Mother: " no no...put some clothes shouldn't be wearing only a jock strap while working for the city of Denver !! I am going to TELL Mayor Hickenlooper !!"

Bus Driver: "..Baby its not a JOCK strap..its a WOOF strap !! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!'

The bears on the bus "DENVER IS HAVING A BEAR QUAKE !!!" wasn't that FUNNY? Ah.........Hmmmmmmm. NO !!!

For the record my brother is gay and is very active in the local bear community and even he didn't like the "Front Range Bears".
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