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I read somewhere long ago that there was supposed to be a spin-off from the character Nick Moore from Family Ties called The Art of Being Nick. I have no idea if they even aired 1 episode or not.

Originally Posted by Du Mont
A pilot for ‘The Greatest American Heroine’ was filmed as a spin-off from ‘The Greatest American Hero’, but it wasn’t picked up by ABC. I understand the pilot can be found on the DVD set.

There was supposed to be a ‘Gilmore Girls’ spin-off starring the 'Jesse' character transplanted to California (a la ‘Private Practice’), and it was tried out for an episode, but never proceeded to series.

There was a proposed ‘Charmed Sons’ spin-off from WB’s ‘Charmed’ that sat on the back-burner a long time and was never filmed.
Wow, how do you find out about these? I watched these shows religiously & never heard a thing...until reading this.
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