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Originally Posted by Ireneparalegal
Exactly. If she is making a career outta being a reality "star" (?) then that doesn't say much abt her. She is supposedly smart but this is all she is capable of? Pleeeeeeeeze. Poor Lucky. Used and abused for the sake of Omarosa. Go Janice Go. Sue her a$$ off!!!!

To me, thee most villainous reality person is PUCK from the Real World San Francisco. He is a jerk. He was born that way. He didn't give a rat's a$$ when his roommate was dying from AIDS.

I dunno, you knew Puck wasn't going to get very far with his "career". I think he was just an annoying glitch wheras she's more of a virus. Put her in that season of the real world, she would have either treated Pedro like crap or she would have made it about her.

"I got this whole thing worked out on a level that you wouldn't even BEGIN to understand baby. Ya see....This whole thing's a chess game, and this here Xerox machine's the POPE."
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