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Originally Posted by Ireneparalegal
And did u all see that videotape of Omarosa APOLOGIZING to Janice? Now why is she doing that and then when she knows she's on camera, she says she is NOT APOLOGIZING? What kind of hypocrite, mental deviant are we watching here? Omarosa is crazy and she keeps mentioning her FANS. Who the hell are her fans? I would like to hear one of them say something.

I'm thinking Dirty Laundry scared the hell out of her PR reps. They proabably told her to soften it up a bit. Maybe she thinks if she apologizes, her image of a "diva" is shot. As for her fans, I'de say she's going by the you gotta have fans to get fans rule. She probaly thinks she's the smartest thing on four legs and no one would know any better if she lied about it. She has already stated that viewers don't know the difference between reality and acting (lying more like it). Did you see how quickly she kept saying "Janice I love you, you need help" and then lept for joy as soon as Janice left? She's a disgusting self serving pig! I hope Janis kills her chances of making another dime from television. I only hope they got poor Lucky out of the car after the cameras stop rolling. That was an obvious PR ploy she probably set up, when has she ever even been seen with him?

"I got this whole thing worked out on a level that you wouldn't even BEGIN to understand baby. Ya see....This whole thing's a chess game, and this here Xerox machine's the POPE."
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