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Originally Posted by retarrdgrrl
well not as childish as Sideshow Janice & at the dinner party Omarosa handled herself in a very adult manner. Theres no excuse for Janice's FREAKSHOW

I thought Omarosa handled herself like anyone who is on damage control,but that's just my opinion. Did you even watch dirty laundry? Just out of curiosity. I'de be surprised if she had a fan in the world after what she did to herself on that ep. There was absolutely nothing adult about that. More like spoiled wannabe diva to me. I'm not saying Janice handles herself well, but at least she has a real personality. Omarosa is a fake, even she has admitted it on camera. Did you see the tears in her eyes when she knew that Sally busted her? I don't like the way Janice handles herself sometimes ( like calling the mentally disabled boy " Rain Man " ) But at least she has admitted that she is flawed, Omarosa can't even do that.

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