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Originally Posted by Ellayn O'Kosh View Post
Perhaps the primary cause of the series Operation Petticoat's running out of gas, is that once the movie is run, the story is told. This does not mean that a sequel or a prequel cannot be made, and good ones.
No, the primary cause was that it was bad. How it lasted even as long as it did is a mystery to me. There were some episodes on YouTube some time back. When I watched one, I didn't see or hear anything even vaguely funny. In terms of other sitcoms of the era, it made The Ropers look like a masterpiece.

Edited to add: I actually watched this during its network run and it wasn't funny then, either. The movie was a lot funnier, and that was supposed to be mainly drama rather than comedy.

I have wracked my brain (say very little) trying to recall a series that survived from a movie: Other than M*A*S*H.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Courtship of Eddie's Father

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