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Originally Posted by yourhomiebrian View Post
I doubt the wife would hire a hitman with her child being in the house with him. I think maybe somebody was looking for something and Anderson walked in and surprised them. Creepy case.
People do, it would actually make the police suspect her less. That he was allowed to put the kid to bed & exit the room before being executed speaks volumes. Looking for what? Nothing was taken, jewellery & other high value goods were left in plain sight, while the drawers had been rummaged through in an unconvincing way-it was obviously a lame attempt to make it look like a burglary gone wrong. The wife after making her statement has refused to assist the police in any way & refused to appear in the segment, unless the police accused her of murdering him on that night which is unlikely then what reason would she have for not assisting if she wasn't involved?
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