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When I think of Misty's mother, all I can hear in my head is the double negatives she used when interviewed. I don't remember verbatim what she said on national television, but it was something like "and she wasn't no whore". Perhaps maybe when the segment aired, I was learning about this in grammar school, and that may be the reason I think about that still to this day.

If looking for Misty, try searching under the name Melissa. I believe that was her real name. Also, she was from Maryland, and not Michigan, as mentioned in the segment. ( I did locate her on facebook, and without question it is the correct person. However the last name has changed, and yes, she looks like she was able to live a normal life and raise a family. All things aside, she was fifteen when she met Jerry Strickland. Due to privacy, I won't share her name publicly but a good sleuth should be able to find it within thirty minutes).

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