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I always liked Colleen Ritter. I couldn't get over how strong she came across in the segment. Her ex-boyfriend stabs her parents to death, stabs her little brother and tries to kill her and she kept her composure and didn't even get emotional while while being interviewed. At the end of the segment, she even admitted that she's always thought of herself as emotionally strong and that even while Rick Church was on the run, she refused to let him ruin her life anymore than he already has. She couldn't have been any older than 18, 19 years old at the time. It was pretty amazing.

Debbie Baskin - everyone knows how I feel about this case. Debbie and Mark just seemed like your typical loving parents. When she started crying over how her youngest son will go to bed at night and say, "Please don't let grandma and grandpa steal me too," I just wanted to jump into the TV screen and hug her. Such a heartbreaking and bizarre case.
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