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06-20-20 is indeed The Man with Nine Lives and 06-27-20 is indeed The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. From Svengoolie's newsletter:

This new month will definitely be some must-see monster TV! We start out with what is regarded as not only a great horror film, but also one of the top films, in general, of all time: the first sequel to Karloff’s “Frankenstein”! with the great actor adding new nuances to his portrayal of the Monster, and the addition of another memorable creature — the Bride — in spite of her relatively short screen time! We follow that with what is basically Britain’s Hammer Studios' only werewolf movie, with Oliver Reed in unique wolf man make-up. From there, we go to a premiere on the Sven program, featuring Boris Karloff as a scientist whose theories on cryogenic medicine cause outrage with what some regard as frozen death! We wrap up the month with the first of Ray Harryhausen’s fantastic stop motion masterpieces in the mythical saga of Sinbad — played in this outing by none other than Kerwin (not Kerwyn)Matthews! Speaking of Kerwyn, you’ve seen him working from home — but with the Karloff “Man with Nine Lives” show, you’ll get a look at none other than ME working from my home base! Our MeTV crew is coming up with a way to have me hosting from outside the studio, so tune in for a different phase of our production!
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