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Originally Posted by catsrule View Post
I saw the news today about supposedly offering a free month of CBS All Access to everyone with the code GIFT. That got me looking at the shows they offered. There were some of them I hadn't seen much of like Taxi and Jericho, and others I hadn't seen in awhile like Touched by an Angel and Scorpion. I was starting to look forward to this and didn't think signing up would be a problem. But the awful jerks running this streamer won't let you sign up for a supposedly free month without a credit card number or paypal account. As I don't have either, I am screwed out of this free deal for "everyone". And I had sent them a message asking them to fix this issue (I didn't use the awful jerks phrase with them, or even the screwed out of). This was their response: Hi, Ben! We apologize for the inconvenience. A credit card or PayPal is required to sign up for CBS All Access. But we appreciate your feedback, and will pass it on! *CC

The awful jerks running CBS All Access can bite me.
CBS All Access doesn’t have all of the Touched By An Angel episodes.
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