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Originally Posted by Pat View Post
Hey, this is Pat from the sticky post "DVDs I SHOUTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I've been doing some research on Scott Baio. Now the internet claims he was born in 1960. In the TV series Scott Baio is 45 and Single, he claims to have dated Erin Moran for a season (she claimed a month and a half) where he claimed to be 14 while she was 15. WHAT???? Scott would have been 14 during 1974/1975 (birthday in Sept) but he played Bugsy Malone in 1976 and started Happy Days in 1977. In an interview he said that there was his first kissing scene with Erin and he was real nervous until Erin went over to him and kissed him before the shoot. Didn't Chachi first kiss Joanie on the lips in season 7 after Arnold's burnt down? This would put them in 1979 or 1980 depending on how far they shoot before airing the episodes. Any insight?
They both were born in 1960, so they were the same age. So they would have been 17 when he first got on Happy Days, and 19-20 when Arnold's burned down. Their first kiss was actually on the baby sitting episode "Fools Rush In", which was their first date.

So either they dated before he was on the show, or his memory is off. Or he is thinking of how old the characters would have been. They still had two more years of high school after season 7, so their characters would have been sophomores in season 7, which would be 15/16
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