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Originally Posted by RetroGuy2000 View Post
I totally agree, and I loved the concept of this episode.

My experience is that many college professors in the 1980s/early 1990s were asses. (That definitely has changed).

That part was so sad.

Blair doesn't care about spending money, though.

I don't care for this episode; the sight of a 1980s-era computer talking and responding to Jo, as if it were AI, is ridiculous. The other parts of the episode are fine, and the Blair/Jo fight is done so much better than in "The Rich Aren't Different".
It seems incredibly dated now but back then the talking computers were so futuristic! This was during the era that the Wargames film was such a mega hit and i'm sure that's where they got that plot idea of having the computer talk to Jo.

I'm really looking forward to "The Rich Aren't Different"---that one airs on Thursday.
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