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Originally Posted by cfr1970 View Post
I really liked this one and loved that it focused on Mrs. G! This season her lesser scene appearance makes her sorely missed.
I totally agree, and I loved the concept of this episode.

That teacher was an ass but I guess he needed to be written that way to cause her insecurities for the story plot.
My experience is that many college professors in the 1980s/early 1990s were asses. (That definitely has changed).

She obviously knew the Shakespeare content and in the real world would've fit in just fine in that class. I didn't like that he made her feel like a fool in front of the whole class.
That part was so sad.

Dear Apple was next and I do remember that one, though just bits and pieces of it. I remember the end where Jo's told to end the friendship and for some reason I always remembered Blair saying how she let the shower run for hours, probably because the first time I saw it, I just wondered why on earth would anyone logically do that?! It made no sense to me.

For one, you're wasting your time standing in the bathroom all that time, and two, your water bill is going to skyrocket. That's not revenge lol.
Blair doesn't care about spending money, though.

I don't care for this episode; the sight of a 1980s-era computer talking and responding to Jo, as if it were AI, is ridiculous. The other parts of the episode are fine, and the Blair/Jo fight is done so much better than in "The Rich Aren't Different".
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