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Sad she died without knowing the whole story about what happened to her mom. RIP.

Acosta's confession really raises more questions than it answers, because given the crime scene evidence it couldn't have happened the way he said. Thomas Hotard was killed in the car whereas as he said they were both murdered in the house by Carolyn. Audrey may have been but there is no way Thomas could have.

But why Acosta would bother to confess any involvement at all, and then not even tell the full truth about what happened is anybody's guess. My guess is he just wanted to put the blame off on Carolyn since she wasn't around to care anymore. Maybe he thought the authorities would one day figure it out and didn't want his kids to think ill of him by putting it on her. But who knows, by all accounts those two were oddballs to say the least.

I think its highly likely they were involved though, regardless of who did what and how. Otherwise I can't imagine why Acosta would bother to confess at all.

But this is one of those cases where there is about a 99.9% chance we already know about all we are ever going to know about it. To much time has passed, everybody involved even if it wasn't Ernie and Carolyn is likely dead or about to be which precludes the likelihood of anyone investigating it. At the time of the Unsolved Mysteries broadcast even the area landscape had changed significantly, its probably changed even more now.
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