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Originally Posted by Thiussat View Post
Possible but doubtful he would be dropping acid while driving.
You never know. I mean, it's a reach, but he could have been drugged / roofied / whatever.

Unlikely, I agree, but..

Originally Posted by sharonite View Post
Williams having no history of medical/mental issues does not preclude one being there. Teenagers in their prime sometimes drop dead from undiagnosed heart ailments, for example. I donít want to get political, but this is a country where many people go without routine preventive/diagnostic care.
The only thing I'll mention here is that he was a trucker.. Which means he got a DOT physical every year. You'd.. SUSPECT that something medical, such as diabetes would turn up there. That's why I mentioned that I thought it was something of a long shot.

Mental issues.. I mean, we know so little about those even now.. High stress could have triggered..
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