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Originally Posted by Todd Mueller View Post
Have you ever been around someone who is in an altered mental state from a medical condition? (Serious question...) I have. I've been around people who were hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and sometimes they make absolutely no sense. We can't look at what he was saying as being logical because it's obvious by his behavior he wasn't in the normal state of mind. That doesn't eliminate trauma but it also doesn't eliminate a mental condition or medical condition.

As to why he would mention jail, like I said, people in altered mental states sometimes say things that make no sense. Or he may have been on drugs and concerned he was going to go to jail. It could also be that he didn't deliver his load and afraid of being arrested. But I really don't put much credence in anything he said based on the bizarre behavior of what he was doing.
I've been around people who were diabetics and had low blood sugar. About the worst I ever saw happen was anxiety attacks or perhaps fainting spells. I don't recall anything as elaborate and bizarre as what happened with Devin Williams.

Like I said, I could be wrong. I just don't see enough evidence to say without a doubt this is what happened to him, or believe there is enough information to rule out some kind of event induced trauma.

Unfortunately, with nothing left of him but bones by the time he was found we will never know for certain.

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