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Originally posted by CollegeGirl

Dear Fonzie,

Help! I'm trying to put the moves on CG, but all she thinks about is you. How do I get her to move past you and realize that I'm the guy of her dreams. After all, it's not healthy for a guy's new chick to still be obsessed with another guy. I've tried everything, Fonz. Water pistol in a bouquet of flowers, trick candy....I even ran through Inspiration Point naked. She says she's over you, but I think she's just trying to spare my feelings. I'm starting to run out of ideas! I know she has a huge crush on me-- after all, I AM irresistible! But, I just need to get her mind off of you.

Maybe you can have one of your famous "talks" with her.

~Ralph Malph
ARE YOU NUTSO! Trying to put the moves on The Fonz's only six-star girl? Why do you just "Dear Fonzie,
I think I've lived long enough."It's the same thing! (calms)
Alright, alright, it's just for a week, Malph. You're getting a VERY special opportunity. CG is very a bright girl. Try taking her to the museum. She likes that kind of stuff. Have fun, but not THAT MUCH fun!
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