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Originally posted by FonzForever
CG, relax yourself. We had anice simple date and I took her to meet the C's. That's it. Let me tell you, I am killing my reputation for you!
Ha! I saw you taking her shirt off right in front of Mr. and Mrs. C right before that limb outside your window broke and......*suddenly turns red* Oh dear, I've said too much. Nevermind, I don't know what I was talking about. What's that? You want to know how I knew what happened? Ummm...well....*stalling*......I have the tendency to sleepwalk, and well, sometimes......*looks nervously around the room* So, where's the nearest exit?

Ayyy, why don't you just have some fun with Malph. That kid is never going to get another chance to be with someone as special as you.

You'd be proud of me Fonzie. I decided to make Ralph a hero. I just sent him out into the busy streets in search of TheFonz and your own best friend, Richie Cunningham. After a week with me, I'll have that boy whipped into shape!
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