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Originally posted by CollegeGirl


That is a very kind compliment, thank you. What is your website?

I have a cousin who has a cousin who lives in Nashville, TN. He went out there right out of high school because he had a dream of becoming a singer. Sure, he struggled for a while, but he is now a producer for Sony Record Company and has quite a nice life. He worked with celebrities like LeeAnn Womack before she even became a celebrity. I had a drama teacher in high school, who when she was young used to be in play productions in NYC. She was one of my favorite teachers, she was so inspiring. She took me under her wing and became my mentor. And this was during my "ugly duckling" period where I hated myself and had no self confidence whatsoever. I swear, I saw some of her publicity shots when she was young, and she could have easily passed for Marylin Monroe-- she was that beautiful. I just have always been fascinated with these people who were detemrined enough to go against the odds and follow their dreams.

But, at times I feel so ungrateful. I mean, I have an awesome family, wonderful friends, comfortable much that I should be thankful for. I feel like I should be happy with what I have, and I am, but I keep wondering if there's more. But, I'm also afraid that if I go to NY and fail, what will happen then? Right now, I live with my parents so I really don't have to worry about paying bills. Can I find enough work to earn enough money to cover rent, food, and utilities? Will I be able to find a decent apartment?
Why feel ungrateful? I have much of the same. But people ALWAYS forget one thing. When you get up in the morning,
the only person in the mirror is yourself. If you're not happy, it's nice having family and such around, but if they can't help/change your situation, it isn't enough.
Not everyone wants to live the day to day average life, even if it is a good one. If you fail, (and you should NEVER think that!) but is it doesn't work out, you can go back home, with your head held high, knowing that you tried. You'll never have to say "what if?" It is very nice to be w/friends but the reality is as they grow up they'll either move away also, or as you describe it get married and have less time than they did before.
I can't tell you what my site is, but I can tell you about it and also relate something. My site is basically models/actresses , all 100% cleared by the girls or their reps.
It's almost a storyline in of it itself in that everyone on the site comprises a team.
There is a common theme with these girls. Each and every one packed up and moved from their hometown to pursue their dream. Sorry I can't tell you the site, but the problem is it's geared towards guys. Classy, in good taste, but geared towards guys nonetheless. Think Maxim/Stuff/Playboy I don't want to take the chance of possibly lowering yours or anyone's opinion of me.
As far as a living situation in NY, there are always lot so people looking for roomies. It sounds like you have an exceptional work record, and good help is always hard to find.
It would be tough no doubt. Working & going to NYU
but if you want this as badly as I think you do I bet you're up to the challenge.

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