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Originally Posted by SitcomsHeydayfan View Post
This was it as John Ritter said himself.

He said they knew they were running out of ideas when they tried to hide a puppy from Roper early in the series & then they tried to hide a cat from Furley later in the series!
I know you and others have mentioned running out of ideas before, but I wanted to restate it in harsher terms, since many of the ideas the writers and producers "came up with" were the dozens of scripts that they purchased from the original English version of the show. Plus their spinoffs were identical to the ones from England as well!

I consider the main achievements by the writers and producers to be changing the show to a more physical form of comedy (especially with John Ritter), casting Don Knotts to play the Ropers' replacement, and maybe promoting Richard Kline to cast regular. Other than that, the credit for the show's success lies mostly with the actors and actresses IMO.
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