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Default ABC Sitcom Pilots for 2003-2004 Season

ABC probably will have the most sitcoms on the air next fall. They were the most successful last fall with three new sitcoms and three sitcoms they already had on air, now they are planning on adding about four news ones this coming fall, for a total of ten sitcoms on the air, by far the most on the big three networks.

Here is all the sitcom pilots that are in contention to being added to the fall. After you read what the show is about, who it stars, etc, post which 'four' do you think will make it to next fall's line-up. ABC will announce which ones will make it on Tuesday, May 13, when they announce their 2003-2004 plans and line-up.

"The Dan Show"
Half Hour

Dan Finnerty: Dan
Gerald McRaney: Ray
Michael DeLuise: Patrick
Emily Deschanel: Sam
Miriam Shor: Mary Alice
Rino Wilson: Henry


Production Companies: Mohawk Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television
Teleplay: Bruce Rasmussen, Matt Ember
Story: Bruce Rasmussen, Dan Finnerty
Executive Producers: Bruce Helford, Deborah Oppenheimer,
Bruce Rasmussen McG
Director: John Pasquin

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them... complete with back-up singers. Meet Dan, a moderately talented, deeply aspiring wannabe songwriter whose life has reached a crossroads. Dan's father wishes he would trade his creative streak for a regular job (bartending would be good). But it's Dan's free-spirited, unconventional aunt Kitty, a singer herself, who finally inspires Dan to pursue his dream.

So Dan sets out to blend the best of both worlds. He's managing the bar for his dad. But he's also performing nightly in Buffalo, New York, with his version of Kitty's act: Can a guy make it singing I am woman, hear me roar?

Inspired by Dan Finnerty's wildly successful act, The Dan Band, this refreshing new comedy about the joys of not conforming is executive produced by the director of the hit film Charlie's Angels (McG) and the team that produced The Drew Carey Show.

"It's All Relative"
Half Hour


Reid Scott: Bobby
Maggie Lawson: Liz
John Benjamin Hickey: Philip
Chris Sieber: Simon
Lenny Clarke: Mace
Harriet Harris: Audrey


Production Companies: Touchstone Television, Paramount Television
Executive Producers/ Writers: Ann Flett-Giordano, Chuck Ranberg
Executive Producers: Craig Zadan, Neil Meron
Director: Andy Cadiff

So you think Romeo and Juliet had family issues? Listen to this.

Bobby's a bartender – the only son of gregarious, salt-of-the-earth Boston Irish Catholic parents. His fiancé, Liz, is a toney Harvard medical student and she's Protestant (no, that's not the problem). Liz has two dads, not one, and they're a worldly pair of well-heeled gay men.

The moment Bobby popped the question to Liz, they knew their families would have to meet. And the first time they brought his Mom and Dad together with her Dad and Dad... well, things did not go well.

Aside from the obvious, there's a culture gap between these in-laws-to-be that makes the Grand Canyon look like a seam in the sidewalk. Liz's parents are devotees of the arts. Bobby's are devotees of the Red Sox. Liz's parents are into St. Laurent. Bobby's parents swear by St. Patrick. Did we mention that Bobby's sister, Maddy, loves throwing gasoline on the fire?

From Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, acclaimed producers of the Oscar-winning Chicago.

"Hench at Home"
Half Hour


Craig Bierko: Terry
Tracy Pollan: Kay
Michael Charles Roman: Jake
Molly Ephraim: Ally
Nicholas Reese Art: Tyler
Lyndon Byers: Orillia


Production Companies: DreamWorks in association with
Touchstone Television
Executive Producer/ Writer: Michael J. Fox
Executive Producers: Mitch Hurwitz, Danelle Black
Director: John Fortenberry

TV favorite Michael J. Fox knows exactly how it feels when a personal star sets... and a celebrity comes home to stay. Blending his first-hand experience with his first loves– comedy and hockey – Michael has created an endearing alter ego named Terry Hench.

With the last body-check safely behind him, pro hockey legend Hench finds himself retired and homebound with psychologist wife, Kay, and three growing kids. After years of absentee fatherhood, Hench is determined to make amends. He vows that he'll assume his rightful place as head of household – a full-time stay-at-home dad who takes the lead in rearing his brood.

Well, Hench may be a legend on the ice – but he's a rookie when it comes to kids. And when the principal slams daughter Ally into the penalty box for fighting on the bus, and first-born son Jake wants to trade his hockey skates for figure skates, well, Hench is going to have to learn new moves.

Can a retired forward score a hat trick on home ice?

"Hope & Faith"
Half Hour


Faith Ford: Hope
Kelly Ripa: Faith
Josh Stamberg: Charley
Harve Presnell: Jack
Macey Cruthird: Hayley
Brie Larson: Sydney
Slade Pearce: Justin


Production Company: Touchstone Television
Co-Executive Producer/Writer: Joanna Johnson
Executive Producers: Guymon Casady, Emile Levisetti, Michael Edelstein
Director: Gil Junger

Stay-at-home mom, Hope, leads a busy, family-centered suburban life with her husband, children and live-in father. Her celebrity sister, Faith, has been living the high life in Hollywood as a daytime soap opera diva. But when Faith's character is suddenly killed-off on The Sacred and the Sinful, she flees Tinseltown and the relentlessly enquiring minds of the tabloid press, and seeks refuge in suburbia with Hope.

In a flash, Hope's sensible, down-to-earth world goes star-struck. Raising three kids –including two rebellious teen girls – has never been easy. But with trendy, theatrical Faith at the dinner table, parenting turns into crisis management for Hope.

HOPE & FAITH is a comedy about what happens when the fast lane collides with the carpool lane. It's about the moments that make you want to hug your sister... and the times you want to write her out of your life.

"I'm with Her"
Half Hour


David Sutcliffe: Patrick
Teri Polo: Alex
Danny Comden: Stevie
Rhea Seehorn: Cheri


Production Companies: Tollin-Robbins Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television
Executive Producers/ Writers: Chris Henchy, Marco Pennette
Executive Producers: Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola
Director: Ted Wass

Writer Chris Henchy's real life marriage to Brooke Shields is the inspiration for this fresh romantic comedy: He's an average guy living with a woman who can't even pick up their dry cleaning without being asked for an autograph! Which means he's got plenty of funny stories to bring to this series about a high school teacher who falls for a movie star.

On the day that would change his life, delightful young everyman Patrick Owen is drinking his mid-morning latte when he's bitten by love. Literally. The gnashing jaws belong to Monroe, the easily-excited puppy of movie star Alexandra Young. When she tries to apologize – and when Patrick recognizes her famous face – he's awestruck, dumbstruck, and so very charming.

Alex sets her sights on Patrick, but he's unprepared for the add-on's that come with this little flirtation. His anonymity and privacy go up in the flash of a hundred paparazzi cameras. And he's an overnight sensation with his young male students, for reasons that have nothing to do with his brilliant classroom banter. All of which makes him wonder if it's possible to find true love in the hot spotlight of the media.

From the producers of Smallville comes a unique look at a guy dating out of his league. Way out of his league. This comedy proves nice guys don't always finish last. Sometimes they go the distance.

"Jenny McCarthy Project"
Half Hour


Jenny McCarthy: Portia
Missi Pyle: Georgeanne
Robin Bartlett: Emmy
Geoff Stults: John
Dan Lauria: Ed


Production Company: Touchstone Television
Executive Producer/ Writer: Donald Beck
Director: Gil Junger

Beautiful young socialite Portia Carlton has it all: chic friends, a loyal maid, designer attitudes... and a very, very, very rich daddy. Then, one day, Portia finds out that Daddy's been busted for insider trading. Overnight, she's left without a penny, or a clue about how real life works.

Poverty takes a stunning toll on Portia's lifestyle. Suddenly, her Valentino heels are pounding the pavement as she looks for work. Then, in a great stroke of luck, her former caterer gives her a shot as his full-time event planner and this uptown girl goes from schmoozing the in-crowd to serving them. From blue-blood to blue-collar, Portia proves how brightly this silver spoon can sparkle.

Jenny McCarthy stars as the debutante learning the true meaning of a change in the fortunes.

"The Big House"
Half Hour


Kevin Hart: Kevin
Arnetia Walker: Tina
Keith David: Clarence
Yvette Nicole Brown: Eartha
Aaron Grady: CJ
Faizon Love: Warren


Production Companies: Imagine Television in association with
Twentieth Century Fox Television
Executive Producer/ Writer: Stephen Engel
Executive Producers: David Nevins, Brian Grazer
Director: Mark Cendrowski

Kevin had a sweet set-up in L.A.: a kick-ass crib, a Platinum card and big college plans. But in one month, he's gone from being the fresh prince of Malibu to the new pauper of Philly. Soon, he'll be starting life over from the bottom... of his relatives' house.

When Kevin's dad was busted for embezzlement, his family's condo was put on the block, and his expensive college dreams were left out in the cold. Now, he's enrolled at Temple University and moving into the basement of his aunt's privacy-challenged Philadelphia home. In no time at all, his family's all over his life... and all up in his business. And it's no easier when his extra-large relatives start throwing their weight around. He instantly clashes with his meddlesome cousins: a mama's boy slacker, a smug overachiever and a pre-teen punk. Can his family stay out of his way long enough for him to get a life? Fat chance.

There's no telling what will happen when the City of Brotherly Love gets a new cousin. But, pound for pound, his super-sized family guarantees family-sized laughs!

"My Life with Men"
Half Hour


Wendie Malick: Emily
Sam Robards: Jess
Geoffrey Lewis: Paul
Nadia Dajani: Genvieve
Michael Angarano: Ben
Shawn Pyfrom: Sam
Sam Lerner: Marty
Josh Flitter: Patrick


Production Company: Touchstone Television
Executive Producers/ Writers: Denise Moss, Sy Dukane
Executive Producer: Nena Rodrigue
Director: Andy Cadiff

A father, a husband, and four growing sons. This is Emily's pack. The dirty tee-shirt, shout-'em-down, testosterone-driven hurricane she lovingly calls her family.

Every waking hour, Emily is either comforting a head-banging six-year-old... wrangling three hormone driven teenagers... trying to raise a father who never wanted to grow up... and living with a husband who thinks she's over-reacting.

Amid this beguiling gaggle of lost boys, radio commentator Emily stands for truth, honesty, a modicum of civility, and the occasional shower. But teaching these Neanderthals good manners and respect for the opposite sex will not only be a challenge. It may take a miracle.

A raucous, unpredictable comedy set deep, deep, deep in the gender gap.

"Platonically Incorrect"
Half Hour


Tom Everett Scott: Scott
A.J. Langer: Darlene
Kali Rocha: Katie
Brian Scolaro: Bob


Production Company: Touchstone Television
Executive Producers: Tom Shadyac, Michael Bostick, Gabe Sachs,
Jeff Judah
Writer/Supervising Producer: Darlene Hunt
Director: Andy Cadiff

Darlene and Scott were meant for each other. Always have been, always will be. Everyone can see it, except them. And therein lies a romantic comedy for our times.

As co-hosts of a popular TV show, Darlene O'Dair and Scott Monte are likeable local celebrities. Okay, so she's neurotic (but adorable). And maybe he is immature (but lovable). Together, they share one important characteristic: they're both relationship-challenged.

Fast friends since college, Darlene and Scott rely on each other for everything from pep talks to reality-checks. They screen each other's dates. They know each other's quirks. And they know how to push each other's buttons. In fact, they like being friends so much, they've sworn a solemn pact that puts falling in love with each other strictly off-limits.

Will Darlene and Scott see their way to love? Or is love really blind as a bat? In the tradition of When Harry Met Sally, PLATONICALLY INCORRECT is an irresistible comedy for contemporary romantics.

"These Guys"
Half Hour


Currie Graham: Tom
Patrick Warburton: Bud
Jsu Garcia: Rick
Todd Stashwick: Carl
Monica Keena: Carrie
Anita Barone: Gillian
Aria Wallace: Mattie
Hayden McFarland: Sam


Production Company: Carsey-Werner-Mandabach Productions
Executive Producers/ Writers: Tim Allen, Mark Brazill, Ron Zimmerman
Executive Producers: Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach
Director: Gary Halvorson

Ten years ago Tim Allen embodied the American male in his breakthrough comedy smash, Home Improvement. This Fall, Tim returns to ABC with a show that redefines the American male for the 21st century.

Meet Tom, Bud, Rick, and Carl – four lifelong friends in the prime of life, or so they keep telling each another. Trouble is, their home lives are far from the American dream. Is the husband-father-provider a dying species? Tom is divorced and sharing custody of his kids; Bud is married and wishes he wasn't; Carl wed his best friend, but the kids they hoped for never came; and Rick lives alone, with all the toys and hardware of single adulthood.

THESE GUYS is a series that probes the great human comedy of mid-life manhood: Its pastimes, pleasures, penalties, and temptations. And it asks the burning question grown-up men ask themselves every day: Should I fight my bad habits... or just sit back and enjoy them?

From Tim Allen, Ron Zimmerman, and the executive-production team of That '70s Show, Carsey-Werner-Mandabach and creator Mark Brazill.

"Married to the Kellys"
Half Hour


Breckin Meyer: Tom
Meredith Monroe: Susan
Sam Anderson: Bill
Nancy Lenehan: Sandy
Emily Rutherfurd: Mary
Josh Braaten: Chris
Derek Waters: Lewis

Production Companies: Brad Grey TV in association with
Twentieth Century Fox Television
Executive Producer/ Writer: Tom Hertz
Executive Producer: Brad Grey
Director: Ted Wass

In Tom's marriage to Susan Kelly, everything is relative. Everything. Tom, an only child, quickly learns that Susan's family is not only larger-than-life... it's larger than most. Now, his toughest challenge is fitting in without freaking out.

Tom and Susan moved from New York to Kansas to be closer to the quirky, tight-knit Kellys. But it's a little too close for Tom's comfort. The in-jokes, the family quirks... every get-together tests Tom's nerves, but nothing compares to his worst nightmare – game night. From befriending Susan's weird, bug-collecting brother to schmoozing with her smug, condescending uncle, Tom tries his best to become one of the family... whether he likes it or not.

From exec-producer Brad Grey (The Sopranos, Just Shoot Me) comes a family-sized comedy with a super-sized heart. It's the show about a mild-mannered guy discovering that in a big family, it's all for one... and every man for himself.

So out of these ten sitcoms, probably about four will make it on the air actually this fall. The rest will go in what is called pilot hell, where tons of pilots each year go.

My picks on which will be added to the fall line-up:
"Hope & Faith" -- I think it will air after 8 Simple Rules, Tuesdays at 8:30pm, since According to Jim is doing much better than Life With Bonnie at 9pm.
"Hench at Home" -- ABC might add a new sitcom night, either Thursdays or Fridays, and this show will be great for it.
"These Guys" -- See "Hench at Home"
"Platonically Incorrect" -- I think this will fit well on Tuesdays at 9:30pm after 'Jim'. I also think 'Bonnie' and Less than Perfect will move to a new night, possibly on the new sitcom block night.

Some of these pilots have photos already. I'll post them, though please remember most of these pilots will not make it, so it will be kind of cool having a photo of a cast of a show that does not make it.
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