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Originally Posted by OH Nuts! View Post
I envy you. I would have loved to meet Sam. And I am in agreement; I think his intentions were good - he just bit of more than he could chew without realizing it.

I hope he’ll reach out, or create an opportunity to meet with fans of the show.
Sam was a very gentle sweet man during the day I was with him, video taped, and then we went to the correct Teaneck road home, the original house number was changed decades ago, But I knew the correct house that still stands. Then to Ozzie Nelson Drive near the High School in Ridgefield Park. All captured on Tape.

Please remember when Sam started the kickstarter project, the long time very large Nelson family lawyer was still "in-charge", After my day with Sam as mentioned we emailed a few times, he sent me the rick cd boxset, plaque with my name, etc. He told me of his sincere disappointment when finding that a huge amount of early season episodes were beyond repair. He then had the UCLA restoration consortium start doing restorations, this is extremely expensive frame by frame. At least at the time.

I emailed with the family lawyer on a subject, without malice i found him to be very uncooperative or again for "legal reasons here", we simply were not on the same page. I have no idea as of this writing who in charge/represents the Nelson estate now, so again this post does not reflect on any current Nelson estate representation. Remember family patriarch David was the legal decision maker along with the lawyer. I stress I have had no contact for no particular reasons with Sam or the Nelson estate in many years. I simply moved onto other projects.

Please read in between the lines, I will "say" When you have many family members in an estate, though "they" may not show any legal ambition to restore the series or keep its history preserved for future generations, when one family member has an interest, with potential "possible" profits, (legal disclaimer) I "write" this with "opinion & no legal fact" as my "opinions do not reflect any Nelson family member, estate, or legal representation" (current or past) some start to demand profits before a film can is open.

The above editorial opinion does not represent/reflect upon any Nelson family member and/or current/past legal Nelson family representation.
Living near "Ozzie Nelson Drive".....
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