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Originally posted by CollegeGirl

Ha! I saw you taking her shirt off right in front of Mr. and Mrs. C right before that limb outside your window broke and......*suddenly turns red* Oh dear, I've said too much. Nevermind, I don't know what I was talking about. What's that? You want to know how I knew what happened? Ummm...well....*stalling*......I have the tendency to sleepwalk, and well, sometimes......*looks nervously around the room* So, where's the nearest exit?
Whoaaaaaa...CG we need to have a convo. I know you're madly in the love with The Fonz. I can dig that. But you're forgetting about someone. Danny? Remember him? I want Danny to have a GREAT Mom. You have all the qualities, but this "sleepwalking" as you call it sets a bad example for the kid.
You know The Fonz is true to you, so cool it. This week w/Ralph you could really make a difference. Malph never been with a girl, that has your kind of smarts. You can make a big change in his life. Now, go make me proud.
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