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I don't believe Amy was ever taken to the UK. I don't know what the motive was behind that part of the story. I think it was a british production company who paid Paul the biker's girlfriend to tell the "gang rape and alligator" story to Sue Billig on camera. They were also the ones who filmed the "mourning at the grave" scene. Seems like the UK guy who claimed that someone tried to sell Amy to him was PI or something. Maybe he was connected to the production company and was hoping to get fame or money from being involved in the case.

The book barely went into the aspect of Amy always being called Mute. It mentioned "Sunshine" as one of her possible nicknames. Was it the UM segment that made such a big connection to Amy and the nickname "Mute"?

I also doubt the eyewitness convenience store clerk's ID of Amy. We all know how many people have claimed to recognize a missing person and they are almost always wrong. It was on that ID that Mrs. Billig went to a nearby apartment where bikers hung out to see if Amy was still with the gang there. They were gone, but a hairbrush was left behind. Officials only said that the hair found on it was similar to Amy's but it was never confirmed. Can they even match a hair to a person? I thought the best they could do with that was say that a hair was either consistent or inconsistent with the suspected person.

Regarding Paul the Biker stringing Mrs. Billig along for so many years... He never really took large sums of money from her, but she did pay him for travel expenses and some other things. She got a lawyer friend of hers to get him off of serious weapons (and DUI) charges in exchange for info on Amy, which he never produced. IIRC, she paid for repairs to his bike so he could have reliable transportation in his "search" for Amy.

I have the feeling that he used Sue Billig to help finance some of his travels, not looking for Amy, but to go to biker meetings around the country. When she went to the midwest on his claim that Amy was being held there, there was a big biker gathering going on. IIRC, she spent about a month there and Paul was several days late meeting with her. There was a big Jehovah's Witness convention in town and all the hotels were booked. She ended up paying for Paul to stay a night in the honeymoon suite of her hotel, since it was the only available room.

After she went back to FL, he was supposedly shot several times, beaten, and left for dead. He was probably just getting into gang fights. He was a former Hells Angel, ran with the Pagans and the Outlaws, and eventually turned snitch. I wouldn't be surprised if his wavering loyalties were at the root of the attempted murder.
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