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Originally Posted by TracyLynnS

And do you guys remember the two former Miami narcotics agents who initiated a meeting with Sue Billig at a Denny's, told her that they'd chase leads all over the world looking for Amy, would call her every day, no matter where they were located at the time to update her on the case, then took $1,500 in cash from her, stuck her with the bill for dinner, and NEVER searched for Amy or even placed a call to the Billigs pretending to search!? Hard to believe that hardcore bikers were actually more helpful in some ways than these former cops, who just outright scammed the Billigs for cash.
Plenty of people put the Billigs through hell. There were the twin brothers who claimed they were holding Amy for ransom (and impeding the investigation in the process) and then all of the informants who kept asking for loans and then giving vague information. This is besides missing persons' families being harassed by self proclaimed psychics.

I think Blair's a SOB who likes to harass people, but I don't think he had anything to do with her disappearance. It's pretty interesting that Branch knew about both Amy's appendectomy scar and the tattoo she recently had done (that only her and Susan knew about).
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