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Yeah I did. It was hard for me to watch Happy Days for quite a while. I felt bad when I was let go. From Hero to Zero. Yeah, The show really went down hill after I left! HA HA HA!! Laverne and Shirley kept Jeff Franklin on as an apprentice writer and he went on to create Full House. I kind of wished that I was sent over to Laverne and Shirley in the first place. I kept wondering why Happy Days let people go and not Laverne and Shirley. I never did find out. It was hard to deal with yeah. I thought my life had ended. That is just the way show business is. I had to learn that. Now, today, I am happy that I was there for whatever contributions I got to make and I did get to make some. Credit or no credit I was there. In hindsight it was a fantastic experience. I worked again too on other shows but never with any of the Happy Days writers. They were all great guys. I really bonded with Fred & Brian and I missed them for a long time. Ron Leavitt also. Ron Leavitt was one cool dude. They were all a huge influence on me.
So yes, I know I could have done better on some of the post 78 shows. Definately. It is what it is. It's kind of like sports when you think of it.

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