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Haven't posted on here in awhile...

I decided that instead of having my favorites on the first page of the thread, I will now update to include both the 2019 & 2020 schedules of Svengoolie which I will keep updated monthly. I hope I can get members like Torgo and JamesG to talk about these movies which they have likely seen even though they are not slashers...

...with that out of the way, here's January 2020's lineup!

This Saturday, 01/04/20: It Came from Outer Space (1953; Universal)
Saturday, 01/11/20: Revenge of the Creature (1955; Universal)
Saturday, 01/18/20: The Old Dark House (1963; Columbia) (the Hammer/William Castle remake!)
Saturday, 01/25/20: Berserk! (1968; Columbia) (Joan Crawford's creepy circus!)

The quotes above are taken directly from Svengoolie's newsletter for the last two movies.
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