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Default re: Metallica

Originally posted by AKA
Yay! So instead of one crappy band, you get five! More bang for your buck.

And to semi-answer your question, Bob Rock, the band's producer, has been filling in on bass in the studio. They'll probably get somebody else for live shows.
5 for 1!! What a deal!!! I know, I'd rather go see Ozzfest...where they prolly 20 crappy bands for the price of 20...

Why doesn't Metallica have a REAL metal tour, and NOT sound like they should name themselves Alternapaloozika...? I take it Limp Bizkit has found a replacement for Wes Borland...

And I know Bob Rock has been filling in on bass, I guess they got a new guy, Metallica never has seemed to have the best luck with bassists...
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