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I'm listening to "Eye of the Tiger". But that's only because I've gotta do a routine to it on my karate demo team.

Jinny: Well, he's a horse's ass, but he has a point.

Jinny: Alright, alright. Enough! Put your hands up! Look buddy, I've got PMS and a gun, any questions?

Jinny: Listen, if I shoot the neighbors cat, I must take you to defend me in court.

Jinny: Here comes the other shoe.

Jinny: I can coddle.

Jinny: Three eggs scrambled soft not runny, hashbrowns crispy not hard, rye bread lightly toasted not burned, butter on the side, and don't forget the jalepeno's, extra hot if you have any.

Jinny: Cause you're buck naked my friend! Alright Teddy, just how nervous are you?

Jinny: You're a peach.

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