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Originally posted by David77
There were a lot of steady extras on Happy Days. The Arnold's gang. The guy in the scene driving the car where the girl's wig is pulled off by the convertable? In the titles? He was/is Walter Von. He was in tons of scenes. That girl with the wig, Her name is Heather. The real tall kid in the background always wore a high school sweater, his name is Carrie Schuman. They never had talking lines because they would have to join a whole other union and get paid. There is the screen extra's guild and the screen actors guild. Two different things.
It's too bad you couldn't have been an extra in "Potsie Quits School" ... they could have stuck you in the classroom scene or something. But I guess then you would have had to join the union & it would have been too complicated.

Speaking of extras, there's one girl I always notice who's in tons of episodes ... she was the drummer for the band in many shows (particularly when Chachi was not around), and in some shows she's one of Fonzie's girlfriends. She was a really good-looking brunette. Do you know the one I'm talking about?

Thanks again for your participation on here!
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