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Originally posted by David77
Hello, thank you, alright, yeah, another $36.00 on the way. I will try to answer everyone's questions all in one shot. The Potsie Quits School song scene: No, I had nothing to do with it. For me, being a serious musician, I was a little embarrassed over how it came out. Originally I had to pick a song from a list of tunes that were public domain. Meaning Happy Days would not have to pay for the rights. I picked the song, Mack The Knife, and wrote words with that tune in mind. (Singing to Mack The Knife) Oh the heart pumps….. Anson Williams had a music career going at that time and he wanted to write his tune which turned out to be Pumps Your Blood. He vetoed my tune.
Hey David, TV Land aired "Potise Quits School" twice yesterday .. does this mean you get $72.00? Hey, just think, you could take us all out to lunch! :-) It's too bad you didn't get to write the lyrics to the song ... I thought the one used was good, but "Mack The Knife" would have been funny as well ("Oh the blood flows/and the heart pumps ... "). I noticed that someone else was credited with "Story By" and you were credited with "Teleplay by," does this mean that someone else came up with the basic plot idea & you fleshed out the story and wrote all the dialogue? Were you on the set during the taping? Man, that would have been cool, seeing the actors deliver lines that you wrote!
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