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Hello, thank you, alright, yeah, another $36.00 on the way. I will try to answer everyone's questions all in one shot. The Potsie Quits School song scene: No, I had nothing to do with it. For me, being a serious musician, I was a little embarrassed over how it came out. Originally I had to pick a song from a list of tunes that were public domain. Meaning Happy Days would not have to pay for the rights. I picked the song, Mack The Knife, and wrote words with that tune in mind. (Singing to Mack The Knife) Oh the heart pumpsÖ.. Anson Williams had a music career going at that time and he wanted to write his tune which turned out to be Pumps Your Blood. He vetoed my tune. The bags on Fonzieís feet came from Fred Fox Jr. Fred was really great with visual comedy. He was like a little kid. We needed one more scene to get Fonzie into the bathroom. That was it. I wish they hired me on too!! Ha ha. I was only twenty at the time. When Walter Kempley found out I was twenty it kind of rubbed him the wrong way for some reason. I donít know why. After he found out how old I was it was very hard for me to get anything passed. Fortunately Brian, Fred and Bob Brunner liked me. I was lucky to get the Potise Quit School episode on the air. When Bob Brunner and Brian left to do Bad News bears they ended the apprentice writers. I didnít get hired on.. It took two years to get back into writing which leads up to writers block. I deal with it by writing letters to my friends. Letters I donít even send for the most part. It just keeps me in the flow of writing. I always write with the idea that I am writing to someone or writing for someone to make them laugh. It is all about making someone laugh. When it gets on TV, that someone becomes everyone. That is the cool part.
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