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Default Walker drops the conservatism of Walker, Texas Ranger

..., but it ends up being a blank slate

At least the original Chuck Norris version had a personality, says Roxana Hadadi. "One hour into The CWís reboot of the show, which has dropped Texas Ranger from the name and incorporated numerous other members of the Walker family into its narrative, Jared Padaleckiís Cordell Walker is still a curiously blank void. Walker has updated this character for our timesóheís not casually making gender- or race-based jokes anymore, which hey, I appreciate!óbut it hasnít really replaced those qualities with anything else. Walker is Anguished, and Walker is Committed to the Job, and thatís about it. What is Walker like? His interests? His passions? His disappointments? Anything about his life that isnít related to his career, or to his dead wife? We have no idea. I suppose that gives Walker room to grow in upcoming episodes, but for now, heís a Raylan Givens facsimile with extremely sanded-down edges." ALSO: Walker is so different from the original you wonder why they bothered.
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