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Originally Posted by GentlemanJim View Post
I am by no means an expert, but I was a working adult in 1974, and had several friends who were not working, and this is what I recall:

Back in the day if you were a man and did not have a bonafide physical disability, you were not going to get welfare. Further, if you were female, you needed un-emancipated dependent children to get benefits. A "welfare mama" in other words.

As far as your real world job today goes, do you customarily award food stamps to individuals receiving social security retirement benefits? As I recall from about 10 years ago, in order to get $250/month in foodstamps, you had to have like next to no resources of any kind. If you had over $400/month coming in in any form, they started shrinking the amount of food stamps you were eligible for, and the drop off was steep (bear in mind this is for individuals without children)

Gurdy Vincent would be eligible in 2019 because her income was below the limit for one person and she was elderly. She would have ongoing stamps due to having no resources and limited income
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