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Default Taryn Manning recalls going "fully method" on Orange Is the New Black play her "racist, homophobic" and "horrible" character

"I thought I'd be assassinated for this role. She's such a horrible person!" Manning said of initially playing Pennsatucky in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She added: "Everything that I'm not is what she was, so it was very tough. But in my mind I knew I made a mistake and thought I wouldn't get hired. I gave myself a lot of pep talks: 'Just muscle through this and you're going to come out the other side. But if you’re going to do this, do it well.' So, I didn't make many friends that first season. I isolated myself. 'She wouldn’t talk to them anyway, she doesn't like them.' As they all got along and had a great time, I was sitting over on the side in character like, 'Screw them.' That's when I realized that I was a little bit more method than I thought. (Laughs.) I thought that I could snap in and out. But to go to that dark of a place and to own it, to convince people that this is truly how she is, it had to be fully method. Taryn went bye. It was all this girl that I created." Manning also looked back at the evolution of her character into someone "very nice" and "a little boring."

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