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Originally Posted by Kristen View Post
Yeah, "Not Without My Nanny" is great! How can you not melt when he says, "Fran, I love you"?! And the most important thing is, HE DIDN'T TAKE IT BACK!!! LOL!
Am I the only one who notices, however, that she does not say it back, EITHER time? I'm not sure exactly how much time is supposed to have passed before his saying it on the plane in "A Pup in Paris" and his taking it back, but it seems like enough time for her to have said it back. She gloats (in voiceover/narration) "I had finally gotten him to say it," which seems less in love with him than excited about getting a guy of his stature to fall for her and/or just snagging a man, period. I kind of wish he had pointed that out to her when he tried to explain why he was scared enough to take it back.

And she doesn't say it at the end of "Not Without My Nanny" or the beginning of the following episode...although I suppose melting into his arms for the kiss (in that outfit, no less) is probably satisfactory from his point of view.
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