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Okay, to get the ball rolling, here's a few ideas:

1. An incident leaves Webster with a case of amnesia, which not only disrupts his relationship with the Papadopolis's, but also threatens his chance of staying with them as their son. (Webster could've ended on a family note, and that would've been an interesting way to do it. I myself tend to enjoy a good amnesia episode)

2. An episode showing Webster's time with his real parents before they passed away. (We only got a clip of his father in the Travis episode, but it would've been interesting to see Webster being raised by them in maybe a flashback episode)

3. A 'very special' episode on gun control. (as far as I know, the fire and the molestation episodes count for special episodes, but there are a few others in existence that could fall under this category. Very special episodes are noted for being quite heavy and memorable, which they usually are)

But all in all, Webster did have a lot of great episodes, but there was room for more.
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