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I think NBC actually did a really nice job with this schedule considering what they have and their needs. They were smart to not keep most dead weight comedy around. Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm will be tough but that was bound to happen on a network that still has a lot of holes.

I think The Blacklist looks better than Revolution so maybe it can hang on better on Mondays at 10pm.

The Tuesday flow is nice because there could be a halo effect from The Voice at both 8pm & 10pm and they are attempting to strengthen Chicago Fire

SVU & Ironside could be a good match on Wednesdays but Revolution is gonna have a tough time at 8pm

I like the near re-boot of Thursdays (I would have done a complete reboot and put Parks elsewhere)... these new sitcoms can't do worse than the cancelled ones and if they do as bad, try again. No need to keep on very low rated shows with no traction. The more attempts, the better chance of hits. We saw that when ABC relaunched Wednesdays a few years ago.

Glad to see they are finally adding a drama to partner with Grimm

I actually think a lot of their new shows look good. The ones I'm most excited about are: The Blacklist, The Michael J. Fox Show, About a Boy, Crisis, Ironside, and The Night Shift
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