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Default Ignore That Room!

We've talked before about how the Conner house layout doesn't make sense. The upstairs bedrooms and bathroom have conflicting layouts at times, but the one that really bugs me is the master bedroom.

There is a door straight through the kitchen opening between the phone and the pantry. Dan and Roseanne often went in there like it's their bedroom. Later on Bev stayed in there when she hurt her hip. Was the interior of this room ever shown? I think this door was always shown closed.

After a while they didn't use that door anymore, and the master bedroom was a right turn through that same opening.

When Jackie slept over, she stayed on the couch. Why didn't they use that other room? And if they had that room, why did the girls have to share a room, and why was the basement used as the "spare room?" And when Roseanne's parents stayed over, Dan and Roseanne slept on cots in the living room instead of using that room.

Does anyone know when they started depicting the master bedroom on the right? It would share a common wall with the laundry room.
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