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[Ralph shows Norton his present to Alice, a box to keep hairpins in]

Ralph Kramden:
You know, when I bought this thing, the guy told me it's all handmade, you know. It's 2,000 matches glued together.

Ed Norton:

Ralph Kramden:
Look at that thing. And he said it was made across the seas. You know, I thought he was kidding me, but right there, it says, "Made in Japan".

Ed Norton:
[looking at it] There it is, in black and white. I'm telling you, this is something that a girl would not go out and buy for herself.

Ralph Kramden:
You can say that again. And another thing about this, the guy told me that this is the only one of these in the whole world, that at one time, this was in the house of the Emperor of Japan. It was smuggled into this country.

Ed Norton:
No kidding!

Ralph Kramden:
I'm telling you, I just can't wait to see the expression on her face when she gets this.

Ed Norton:
I'd like to see the expression on the Emperor of Japan's face when he finds out it's missing!
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